Team Bio:  What we offer on Retreat


Karen and Evan bring together their unique backgrounds and areas of expertise to orchestrate an inspiring and relaxed sacred space for their guests. A welcoming tone of complete acceptance, trust, and openness is woven throughout each event.

Karen’s nurturing and gentle teaching style allows guests to explore their personal journey of yoga and meditation with supportive instruction and inspiring resonant themes. With Evan’s unique eye for artistic detail and impeccable culinary talents, he creates a magical ambience where guests feel nourished and content.

Karen and Evan guide discussions, creative journaling, and activations in a comfortable and playful manner to encourage confidence and offer opportunities for deep self discovery and connection with others.

Our guests leave these retreat experiences feeling balanced, well taken care of, and inspired to continue on their paths of intentional living with the support of their new community of friends.



Karen Wiggins, Co-Founder

Karen has 20 plus years of teaching experience, with students of all ages and ability levels.  She is a true teacher at heart and guides her students with supportive instruction, passion, and authentically themed classes. She gently leads her students on their personal yoga journeys with creativity, knowledge, and inspiration.

Evan Rumble, Co-Founder

Evan brings 13 years of culinary mastery to this endeavor.  He specializes in healthy vegan and gluten free cuisine that nourishes the body, heart, and soul.  His meals are prepared with carefully selected organic ingredients and infused with beauty, creativity, and love.